Estimation of static jacking load (Pep) for the prestressed centrifugal concrete piles on some types of ground structure in Hai Duong city

  • Thang Hong Do
  • Phong Van Nguyen
Từ khóa: Hai Duong ground structure,Pile bearing capacity,Pile foundation,Prestressed centrifugal concrete piles,Static jacking load.

Tóm tắt

Nowadays, the prestressed centrifugal concrete piles (PCCP) are applied in most major construction projects in Hai Duong city. The pile bearing capacity and static jacking load (Pep) are very important parameters for optimizing the pile foundation design, and they depend on the types of ground structure. The paper introduces the estimated method for the pile static jacking load which was applied for two types of ground structure in Hai Duong city (type I and type II). The results showed that the maximum static jacking load (Pepmax) was 66.6 tons and 76.6 tons at the depth of 32 m for types I and II, respectively. The results of evaluation and comparison between the calculated Pep with the actual Pep have provided the penetration coefficient (K) for each soil: K = 1.8 for fine sand; K = 1.5 for stiff sandy clay; K = 1.4 for firm sandy clay and K = 1.2 for soft soil.

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