Highly photocatalytic activity of natural halloysite - based material for the treatment of dyes in wastewater

  • Son Ha Ngo
  • Nui Xuan Pham
  • Tuan Ngoc Tran
Từ khóa: Ag - TiO2,Halloysite,Photocatalyst,RR - 195,TiO2.

Tóm tắt

In this study, the halloysite nanotube material will be fabricated from a natural halloysite mineral and used as a support for the photocatalytic activity phase based on TiO2. The material is characterized by modern physicochemical methods such as XRD, SEM, BET, UV - vis spectrum, and EDX. Accordingly, the refined halloysite has a nanoscale with a length of about 1.3 μm and a capillary size of about 5 nm. After the deposition of Ag - TiO2 on the halloysite, the specific surface of the material measured by the BET method was about 60 m2/g, and the structure of the halloysite was intact. The band - gap energy of as - prepared materials is also significantly improved in comparison to pure TiO2, makes the material capable of absorbing longer wavelengths of light in the photocatalytic process. The Photocatalyst based on Halloysite and TiO2 showed very high efficiency, up to more than 95% in the decomposition of typical organic pollutant RR - 195. This result shows great potential in this novel material in environmental treatment applications.

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