Hydraulic flow unit classification from core data: case study of the Z gas reservoir, Poland

  • Man Quang Ha
  • Anh Ngoc Le
  • Jadwiga Jarzyna
Từ khóa: Flow Zone Index,Global Hydraulic Elements,Hydraulic Flow Unit,Permeability prediction

Tóm tắt

Permeability and porosity are essential parameters for estimating hydrocarbon production from reservoir rocks. They are combined in an additional factor, the Flow Zone Index (FZI), which is the basis for defining the hydraulic flow unit (HFU). Each HFU is a homogeneous section of a reservoir rock with stable parameters that allow for media flow. Hydraulic flow units are determined from the porosity and permeability of core or well logs. The simple statistical methods are applied for HFU classification and then improve permeability prediction. This paper also shows how to quickly apply the global hydraulic elements (GHE) method for HFU classification. The methodology is tested on the Miocene formation of a deltaic facies from the Carpathian Foredeep in South-Eastern Poland.

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