Exploring the impact of risks on road construction quality: an AHP model study

  • Thanh Trung Dang
  • Phong Duyen Nguyen
  • Minh Tuan Tran
Từ khóa: Affecting road, AHP model, Construction quality, Risks

Tóm tắt

The construction industry plays a role in the development of countries. The progress of this industry mainly depends on the quality of construction works, which is closely related to the longevity of the work. A risk assessment of construction quality is a comprehensive assessment of the level of risks and the construction contractor faces during the construction process. Risk factors affect the quality of work in the aspect of labor, equipment and machinery, material, constructional technology, environment, etc. Based on these factors, the authors build an index system to evaluate the quality of works according to experts. Quality is one of the factors to evaluate the success of construction projects. The level of success of the construction industry depends on many quality performances. The method used in this article is the analytical hierarchical method (AHP) for quantitative analysis, which has the function of comparing and selecting alternatives without requiring big data, etc. This method will also be chosen to satisfy the set of criteria. Based on the principle of comparing pairs of criteria, the AHP method analyzes, evaluates, synthesizes, and answers the question "Which criterion affects the quality of the work during the construction process?". This study is conducted to scrutinize the factors that harm construction projects. The results of the study evaluating over 15 criteria show that the influencing factor due to equipment and machinery assessed has the greatest influence on the quality of the work

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