Effect of the low-order coefficients of the Earth gravity model in calculating the satellite orbit

  • Dung Ngoc Luong
  • Trong Dinh Tran
Từ khóa: Altimetry satellites, Earth gravity field model, Satellite Orbit Errors

Tóm tắt

The Earth's gravity model is a crucial factor in determining satellite orbits. Scientific organizations such as GFZ Potsdam in Germany, GRGS Toulouse in France, and AIUB in Switzerland have established Earth gravity models with increasing precision of spherical harmonic coefficients. Low-order coefficients, including C ̅_21,( S) ̅_21, C ̅_10,C ̅_11,( S) ̅_11and C ̅_20, play a vital role in describing changes in the Earth's poles, geometric center, and flattening. To evaluate the impact of these coefficients and understand altimeter satellite orbital error, the Propagerror program was developed. This program calculates satellite orbital error from the differential components of Earth gravity model spherical harmonic coefficients (dC/Slm), which can be obtained from the difference between two gravity models or from seasonal and annual components of spherical harmonics. By separating appropriate low-order components in the Earth gravity models, the Propagerror program enables the estimation of satellite orbital error. In this study, we isolate C ̅_10,C ̅_11,( S) ̅_11, and C ̅_21,( S) ̅_21 coefficients in the EIGEN-GRGS.RL02bis.MF and EIGEN-6S gravity models to assess the geophysical impact on satellite orbits. The influence of the geometry center elements results in a 2 cm error in the Jason-2 satellite, while the rotational axis elements have no effect. The C ̅_31,( S) ̅_31 coefficient has a 6-7 mm impact on the accuracy of the Jason-2 satellite, as demonstrated by the satellite error map in two situations with and without the C ̅_31,( S) ̅_31 harmonic coefficient. This study highlights the significance of regulating function coefficients in satellite orbit determination, particularly the low-level harmonic parameters. The Propagerror program provides insights into the impact of each spherical harmonic parameter on satellite orbits, contributing to the improvement of orbit accuracy and the understanding of the Earth's gravity model

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