Relationship between agricultural waste and greenhouse gases in Dong Thap Province

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Based on the assessment of the status of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in each field of agricultural production in Dong Thap Province according to IPPC and related studies, Project has proposed solutions to reduce GHG emissions in each respective field and estimate the effectiveness of GHG emission reduction. The results show that the total GHG emissions in 2021 and 2022 are 8,697.91 and 8,872.88 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent/year; GHG emissions is mainly from farming activities (accounting for 73% to 78%), followed by agricultural waste (16% to 20%), aquaculture (about 6%) and livestock farming (< 1%). However, when applying the proposed solutions, the effectiveness of reducing GHG emissions reaches 73,4%. If afforestation is applied and maintained, Dong Thap Province will continue to reduce GHG emissions by about 80%. Besides, to be effectively and successful in GHG emissions reducing, it is necessary to have financial support from the Government and people’s awareness in environmental protection.

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