One million hectares low-carbon rice programme - Opportunities and challenges

  • Nguyễn Thế Hinh


Rice sector plays a crucial role in stabilization of society and contributes into the Vietnam economic development, particularly, the rice production in Mekong Delta contributed 50% of total output as well as up to 90% of the country’s rice export. However, besides the glory of the rice sector, the rice farmers are gaining the lowest income in the agricultural sector and the rice sector is contributing the largest greenhouse gas emission (approximately 50% of the agricultural carbon emission). Many limitations have been reducing the rice sector development. To create the new dynamic forces towards a rice sector of efficiency, sustainability and low emission, Prime Minister approved the Programme “Sustainable development of one million ha of high-quality and low-carbon rice together with green growth in Mekong Delta up to 2030”. The implementation of this Programme will create the opportunities to enhance the income of rice value chain’s stakeholders as well as the reputation of Vietnam rice in the world market through the environment responsibility of rice production. However, the identification of suitable investment measures is the key for the Programme’s success in order to ensure both economic and environmental purposes.  

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