Communication improvement activities of mind-healing mentor-pharmacists

  • Sung Yun Suh
  • Sandy Jeong Rhie
  • Yoon Sook Cho

Tóm tắt

With the advancement of AI and digital technology, including ChatGPT, our lives and the perception of patients as “medical service consumers” are changing in line with other social changes, and the concept of patient treatment is changing rapidly. It is urgently necessary to think about the roles of pharmacist for patients and to seek for the direction of change. We have been making steady efforts to become a “Pharmacists that heals the hearts of patients” by growing the consciousness of pharmacists amidst these changes. Through various activities such as patient counseling committee, customer satisfaction committee, mentor class, learning team activity, and accompanying program, we are promoting mutual understanding among employees and strengthening patient-pharmacist communication capabilities. Cases from the patient counseling committee are loaded onto the hospital’s online education program to be shared with all staff, and the patient counseling committee activities and counseling cases, leaflets are shared with other hospitals. As an activity to improve patient experience, a checklist that can be used in all areas where pharmacists meet patients was developed and applied during counseling. We provided an opportunity to think about the roles of pharmacists for patients’ healthy and happy life. Perceptions of the role of Pharmacists for patient safety are changing. Through various activities and results for effective communication between patients and pharmacists, we can help patients use medicines appropriately and grow into “mentor pharmacists” who can lead patients to solve the root cause of their diseases on their own.

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