Knowledge, attitude, and practice of hand washing with soap among students at 4 primary schools in Hanoi in 2022

  • Hội Y tế Công cộng Việt Nam
Từ khóa: Hand-washing, soap, students, Hanoi.

Tóm tắt

Objective: Knowledge, attitude, and practice of hand-washing with soap among students at 4 primary schools in Hanoi in 2022. 

Research subjects and methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted at Khuong Thuong Primary School, Tam Khuong Primary School, Ha Hoi Primary School, and Khanh Ha Primary School, choosing 50 fourth graders and 50 fifth graders.

Results: The majority of students 94.0% said that they enjoy washing their hands. The main reason for this attitude aside from taking up time is that it saves time. 54.2% of students said they often wash their hands with soap at school before eating, and 87.0% said they do so right after using the restroom. 89.5% of students indicated that using soap to wash their hands was required; nevertheless, 14.5% of the 400 respondents reported they did not use soap to wash their hands at school every day. 

Conclusion: The number of students who know how to wash their hands is high. Students said that hand washing with soap is necessary, but there are still respondents who do not wash their hands with soap every day at school. The students' frequent practice of handwashing is extremely high after using the restroom, but comparatively low after playing with toys.


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