Application of the By Day Learning Method for Enterprises: A Case Study at Viettel Group

  • Bui Quang Tuyen
Từ khóa: Daily learning, By Day Learning, enterprise (s), Viettel

Tóm tắt

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation trends demand enterprise workforces to continually enhance their capabilities and adaptability. Suitable learning models are therefore highly essential for building the capacity of these workforces. This article introduces “By Day Learning”, a new learning model developed by the author working for Viettel Academy at Viettel Group. Through secondary data collection, this article identifies the theoretical basis of the By Day Learning method and assesses how it was introduced at Viettel Group from August 2021 to November 2023. Initial results demonstrate that BDL is suitable for organizations with a large workforce distributed across multiple locations, and is potentially applicable in Vietnamese enterprises as it will be able to contribute to building learning organizations that can retain daily learning practices, create learning opportunities anytime and anywhere, personalize learning practices, and enhance the learning capability of individuals in the organizations.

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