Applying Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Investigate Consumer Purchase Intention toward Street Food Vendors

  • Le Hai Binh
  • Le Thi Mai Le
Từ khóa: Extended Theory of Planned Behavior, street food, purchase intention, social media, past behaviour

Tóm tắt

This study aims to explore the factors that influence the behaviour of consumers towards Hanoi street food vendors by applying the extended Theory of Planned Behavior (e-TPB) which includes six constructs - attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and social media and past behavior and purchase intention. Using a quantitative research approach, data was collected from 181 respondents through an online survey and using the analysis technique is SPSS version 22 and Smart PLS 3.0. The findings indicate that social media, having the highest regression weight, become the most significant predictor of purchase intention, following by subjective norms, perceived behavioral control and attitude. The study also reveals that previous behavior had a favorable impact on attitude, perceived behavioral control, subjective norms, and social media, but not on purchase intention. The study will increase our understanding of the variables influencing consumers’ intentions to purchase street food in Hanoi. Recommendations and implications for marketing-related street food selling strategies are discussed.

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