Ứng dụng công nghệ số vào giảng dạy môn Tiếng Anh trong thời đại 4.0 tại Trường Đại Học Tài Chính Marketing

  • Võ Thị Kim Cúc
Từ khóa: Digital technology, language teaching, industrial revolution 4.0 era

Tóm tắt

The use of technology in language teaching and learning has grown increasingly important. The rise of the fourth industrial revolution prompts language teachers to investigate the use of technology in language instruction. The purpose of this qualitative study is to discover language teachers’ readiness and desire to use digital technology in their language learning classrooms. The study included a total of twenty English teachers at Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL) in Univerisity of Finance and Marketing (UFM). The information was gathered through a semi-structured interview. The results suggest that 65 percent of language teachers employed digital technology in their classrooms, whereas 35 percent used the traditional method (not using technology in language teaching and learning). Furthermore, the data highlights instructors’ barriers to employing technology in language teaching classrooms, such as inadequate school digital technology resources, time-consuming digital technology preparation, and teachers’ technological illiteracy. These data lead to the conclusion that language teachers require more government attention in order to implement a language class based on digital technology.

Tác giả

Võ Thị Kim Cúc

ThS. Trường Đại học Tài chính - Marketing

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